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March 15th, 2010

“Want to wave people do need courage, ‘cotton socks + sandals’ ultra-old-fashioned to wear spring and summer of 2010 France is the trendsetter, you ready?”

Has experienced a few years ago “light legs and bare feet,” the trend after the re-color socks wave swept the globe, including Lady Gaga, etc., vane-level international fashion figures, in dazzling form in Variety will be longer or shorter socks deduced modern charm.

Europe and the United States this year, major fashion brand, new release, designers bluntly said: can not conceive this spring, no socks, T-stage presence. Gao Tong has been a heavy winter boots and imprison an entire slender ankle, as early as the first ray of warm sun in spring and summer is approaching, it has rushed to Naoqi the “emancipated emancipation.” Fashion industry certainly would not miss the opportunity, T stage, leggings of the rolling tide has not yet passed, cotton socks featuring a foot on the drama began to warm staged – 2010 Spring Summer Fashion Week, has been regarded as “old-fashioned” in Wear cotton socks + sandals law, unexpectedly performing a “personality greater than days,” the tide of the Declaration.

棉袜+凉鞋 超老土穿法成新宠

Louise Goldin

Motion: Cotton knee-high Stockings

When the warmer spring and summer, it is time to awaken the long-leg skin, so that they enjoy stretch. Spring and summer 2010 Fashion Week, designers coincidentally the model’s legs from the heavy winter boots freed. In the Alexander Wang’s fashion show on the interpretation of the movement from pure cotton socks style, then so gently Qiaoqiao to Taylor.

This season the American football-inspired campaign themes situations, light tender skin to make legs slightly thin, wearing Legging and stockings are too hypocritical, only cotton knee-length stockings legs sketched lines can be appropriately The strength and mellow, the release of the movement of the wild passion. The most special thing about Toe higher than the model with a single step in boots, cotton socks costume amplified by long-barreled simple and generous, it appears that costume Duantong vibrant cotton socks, bare feet in stockings exudes a sense of novelty and unique. Cotton socks color choices and upper body echoed soft fusion body shape.

棉袜+凉鞋 超老土穿法成新宠

Alexander Wang

Girl: Cotton Candy color socks

Or, many of the cotton socks are from childhood memories, as they grow older, we have the impression that cotton socks are also becoming blurred. But in recent years, the popular candy-style, it seems to keep our innocence, but also for cotton socks to bring the best imagination. Gaspard Yurkievich dream candy color of socks, Ming-Yan Huang Ru young girls, generally moving.

Candy bright tri-color mix and match, the most to get the young MM were of all ages. At the same time, it shows that the external and internal lively temperament deep thought. A combination of black is not a bland, but it is gorgeous low-key with a single step. Most ironic of all is that the designers do not use large areas of color patchwork, but the edge of penalty lines like colored socks, as if depicting the modesty of the girl with Shy mind. Candy cotton socks the most suitable age for light and cooked, in my heart rate is indeed Bobos, they are busy at work day and night, they know how to leave room for imagination, the release of dream emotions.

棉袜+凉鞋 超老土穿法成新宠

Burberry Prorsum

Romance: cotton socks, curling

Usually used to deep and deep in people’s boots in his pants and socks, never thought that there are “aspirated his eyebrows,” one day. Cotton curling unique texture, more unexpectedly romantic results. Marithe + Francois Girbaud this from France’s top fashion brands, has always been happy to work hand in hand in the streets of the wind into the T station, and its spring and summer 2010, the design of the city is full of romantic atmosphere of leisure. Highlights the details clear and unique, socks became fashionable finishing touch to highlight the personality.

The seven parts uniquely tailored casual jeans and cotton socks crimping Duantong energy mix is the best dynamic footnote. The overall shape of the body, the length of tube socks, the importance of subtle details of the curling folds just right so that the proportion of bare legs, sexy and dynamic complement each other. Cotton body’s “low carbon” texture, the interpretation of the exclusive attitude of city life. Stockings and short skirts coveralls put even more remarkable mix of joy and uninhibited personality charm. White-collar workers skirt suits, with long-barreled cotton socks and feel of perverse, walk through the night in the city among flaunt the uniqueness of the modern hippie.

棉袜+凉鞋 超老土穿法成新宠

Gaspard Yurkievich

Retro: Cotton Duantong socks

In the past, only a warm cotton socks cumbersome Duantong cotton socks and leather shoes with even been considered the most “old fashioned” taboos. But the fashion wheel tend to turn to sell your surprise answer. Old fashion taboo of “retro” in the name of a high-profile return, and transformed into one of the hottest fashion upstart.

Spring and summer of this year, Burberry Prorsum, Louise Goldin as the representative of the retro style of Li Duan Tong socks with the most noticeable. Cotton Duantong socks may be installed in the UK traditional students on campus an integral sign, Burberry Prorsum playfully to reproduce in the traditional fashion T units, and resembles a Roman variant of the ribbon sandals shoes to match, like the Greek Goddess of pure elegance, showing an unusual retro skill.

The same as the cutting-edge designer brands Louise Goldin re-engraved memories of fashion to lead us back to the stuporous for 80 years, with the color of the Duantong cotton socks with high heels retro diamond rivets, the effect strikingly elegant shine.

棉袜+凉鞋 超老土穿法成新宠

Marithe + Francois Girbaud


Fashion industry in general agree with the view that was not related to any practical fashion. But now, T-Taiwan one after another into the street beat San goods frame, mix of fashion and practicality have both magic bullet, more worthy of our attention.

Wear the same color tie

The same color mix and match the most suitable for black cotton socks and shoes with the same color, in the mysterious black level in the manufacture of delicate sense of the ankle women’s sexy charm under the Jin Xian.

Cascading wearing tie

Slender legs wrapped in cotton socks easy to form thick dull sense of time at the ankle at an appropriate mix of a pair of socks, will really noticeable level, constitute a surprising visual creativity. In particular, black stacked, so that you as Variety of small wild cats in general, Reiki full.

Stacked volumes to wear tie -

Volume wear stacked layers take is to create the most direct and most Xpress-way. Longituba cotton socks when wearing rolled-up socks, you can easily create cascading effects; stacked volumes of different colors can be brisk in the spring and summer to bring a fresh feeling; while the length of the legs is not necessarily quite cotton socks, so that even more blossoms outspoken. If you dare to wear side of the leg tube socks, the more personalized.

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